by jaime   Apr 14, 2012

Misguided views breathing the blues infatuated with the corruption that leads to abuse hard to see past the confusion when the solutions labeled as the escape
More to the picture quit trying to relate
Abstract by design about as incoherent as my rhymes irrelevant to your so called understanding another useless find
Adds to an already overwhelming pollution cluttering the mind
We ain't similar no need to pretend so why do you refer to me as friend
I only speak to few and its not you time diminished the communication
Im fine with the separation give it a rest look for another lost cause to arouse interest
None resides within it finds itself tossed into the bin
The memories were carried by the wind far away from here in its place the atmosphere led me to something more sincere not clear as to where it may lead, but I will follow through until I cease to breathe
As one foot continues to follow the other realize I'm not like any other mis-aligned from the norm forget trying to conform a walking hieroglyph since I was born out of tune with no thoughts of calibration any time soon
I don't seek the validation has no value in the equation all I hope to find is the happiness hidden throughout the desperation better know as living constantly dealing with the twists and turns not a stranger to the burns
Lifes not picture perfect it takes time to learn as I've aged I know the innocence wont return diminishing at a fast pace leaving another strange face in the crowd I can understand why people keep their hopes close to the ground each day the forecast is looking a bit more one way bound with decomposition at the very end death waiting to meet another friend.....


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