Nothing To You

by Jewel Cook   May 3, 2012

I don't know how I feel.

Are we close or are we distant?

My mind says we're close but my heart says


Maybe my heart is wrong and my insecurities

are getting to me.

But they say listen to your heart.

I want to say we're close, but I can't.

I just don't feel that way.

Through text messages we seem close.

In's like we just met.

How don't you see it?

Everyone else does.

Maybe I'm right. We aren't so close.

I'm almost ready to give up.

But I know I'd be giving up the best thing in

my life.

You make me so happy, yet when I look into

your eyes I get so sad.

Knowing that I'll never mean much to you.

So why do we keep acting like I do?

Let's just tell the truth.

I mean nothing to you.

I'm not worth your time.

But that's OK.

What we had is now gone.


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