by GorqeousDisaster   Jun 4, 2012

Re calibrate,
focusing in the small things,
that's going to rip you apart.
Swallow you whole again,
keeping you prisoner
in its fatal grasp.
Illusions, light, and hope,
cloud your head with reality.
Ignorance is supposed bliss.

Reaching upwards,
begging for answers
but your silent torture
keeps on.
Poison infecting ever bit of you.
Slowly exposing underlying issues.

Comprehension of what they're
true intentions are...but letting them
destroy you just to be shown some kind of

Loss, for words, for air,
for hope...

Liar...filling my mind with worthlessness.
tearing me down every chance you get,
just for personal gain.

Goodbye, one last thing ill let you take from me.
one last word that will end it all..

Perhaps, everyone wont see,
or will they even care...
Once i'm gone, who will
be there?


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