The wind

by jaime   Jun 13, 2012

The definition remains unclear to keep it simple the missing link still roams the atmosphere
Without a coherent sense of direction I'm lost in the inperfections
Beginning once again to question this ability to breathe losing the reason to perceive optimism as something to keep this abnormal beat in progression
I'm tired of the dilution creating separation from a seemingly perfect connection was it the hesitation? I apologize for the broken ties, but I've fallen one too many times for beautiful complexions like yours leading to timed rejections plenty of times before
I can't easily connect this feeling because I've become too accustomed to its past meanings a caged bird drowning the misery with a couple of words
Misguided since I was young nineteen years later I'm still the only missed by the shots from a warm gun
Becoming harder to adapt often entangled in bad days after choosing the wrong ways to react forget trying to relate as the sun continues to dilate I can feel the absence of self hate
Revealing more to this than an escape aiming to keep a balance till my departure date caught in between questionable finds becoming misaligned walking with the blind in search of lifes truths that continue to hide behind dead end signs
Self understanding is needed in order to progress the reason love is something I havent yet been able to truly adress....


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