This Man I Know.

by Not Bulletproof   Jun 19, 2012

His mind is clouded with black judgement.
Fear of what was and what could be.
Constantly afraid of repetition;
he refuses to make the same mistakes.

He's always holding back,
no one should see his thoughts;
no one should feel his pains.
A black past can create a black heart
and no one should suffer because of it.

He can taste the light of freedom,
but the walls are sealed so tight.
If only he could give up the fight
and let the walls fall down to see the other side

He doesn't want to be the bad guy
but he can't let himself be the good guy,
he's so afraid of being walked on,
so he shields himself from further damage.

If I could make him see that the past is gone,
that he can let his thoughts disappear,
I would take all the pain away from him
so his conscious could be clear.
I would throw away everything for this.

I have not seen someone so deserving
of nothing but simple happiness.
He's had it rough up until now,
so now he should experience into bliss.

There's no more need to hide;
he is safe from ridicule and destruction.
I will surround his walls of fright
with flags of love and peace.
I will lay them just within sight,
and maybe he will come to me without fear.

I wish nothing but this for him,
to remove the black sadness within.
Trust is something i must earn with this man
and I will do everything that I can
to save his soul from anguish,
to save his mind from torment,
and to save his heart from pain.

© Copyright - Sarah Gammon


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