Before operation consult owners manual

by joseph santacruz   Jun 30, 2012

As I listen to the talking heads on TV converse
he tries to tell me I am an insignificant speck of dust in the universe.
He tells me I have evolved from an amoeba, a germ or such
it quickly becomes apparent he dosent know much.
I always end up frustrated and damn weary
listening to his damn half baked theories.
He tries to tell me my ancestors were monkeys
I know they werent perfect but they werent that funky.
In order for a fine specimen like me to have been conceived
I had to have a little help from my relatives Adam and Eve.
Boulderdash, poppycock and drivel he screams
I"ve came to my scientific conclusions using microwaves and laserbeams.
Arguing with him is not an act of stubborn defiance
its just that I know creation cant be explained totally through science.
I find all this evolution talk underhanded and odd
its like trying to steal credit and glory from God.
So for all you pinheads seeking lifes answers on the science TV channel
the answers are written in your bible....thats your owners manual!


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