Kitchen Wishing

by joseph santacruz   Jul 3, 2012

Constantly hungry and for food always wishing
an idea I cooked up? slinging hash in the kitchen.
I have a large problem I tend to gain weight
I was on a "seefood" diet
if I could see it I ate it
Cookies and bon-bons and sugary delights
everyday I felt my pants getting tight.
Cakes and strudel and curly fries
lasagna, meatloaf, ice cream and apple pies.
BBBBBBBBBarb-b-que ribs, pardon me if I stutter
sauteed mushrooms swimming in butter.
If I selected something from the library to have a look
you would probably catch me devouring a cookbook.
Jiggling jello waving hello and hamburger patties
cream corn, baby carrots and their daddys.
Steak and onion rings, fish by the whale
mountains of spaghetti to make a mobster hungerily wail.
Cookies and candies to suit every taste
so out of control grew my ever expanding waist.
Eclairs and cream puffs, donuts stuffed with jelly
all of these things seemed right up my alley
(as they found their "weigh" to my belly).
Pancakes and bacon with buttery waffles
all of this time I was gaining weight something awful.
Pastrami and tuna, large buckets of chicken
I dont know how much longer my hungry heart can keep ticking.
I really have to quit this job before I get hurt
when it comes to working in the kitchen "I better dessert!"
-Santacruz- (burp! s'cuse me)


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