Teeth Wisdom

by joseph santacruz   Jul 10, 2012

Some folks may find me rather mental
because I write this poetry dental.
When I was young I was visited by a tooth hoarder
under my pillow he would leave me a quarter.
All those times I spent with candy
my poor teeth found not so dandy.
Those pearly whites that once helped me chew
are gone now" The coop they flew".
Some teeth wisdom, let me share
if I had known my wisdom teeth would still be there.
Be bold dont act in haste
when it comes to your toothpaste.
How quickly you will find your teeth lost
when you dont unwind your floss.
Brush, brush. Brush, brush brush
or you will end up eating mush.
Lovely teeth one can expect
when one "braces" for what comes next.
I should have kept my dentist in sight
now Im all bark and no bite.
As my teeth continue their defacement
I hope I can afford replacements.


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