O beloved........

by shree   Aug 5, 2012

11.30 PM 29/07/2012

o beloved . . .
you never noticed how much i loved u.

i always want to see you glad..
but you in turn always remained sad..

you were materialistic thinking about the future..
24*7 you used to give me some or the other lecture..

but i was worried about every moment..
how to keep you happy the very next moment..

i tried my best to shower my love upon you..
but this was just a fact which you never knew..

even i never let you know so you were unaware..
about my future plans for you which was quite unfair..

i tried my best
to keep you happy..
asking reviews and views..
from your dear and pappy..

but you felt am in affair
with your closest friend..
and i was planning for a relation
which was never gonna end..

even i was shattered
when you started doubting..
i accept she was adorable
but there wasn't such thing..

even i was a fool
who just tried to be cool..
and hide the fact
which was a bit true..

that am just finding
your likes and interests too...
mistake was mine
and its true..

i shouldn't have hide..
all that things from you..
i yelled upon you
and was even rude too..

but now i regret a lot
will have to live with out you
is something never i thought..

so please,, i beg you come back to me..
am just standing there the place you left me..

stop kidding and come back it hurts a lot..
i hold my ears,because now i realized..
loneliness is my only fear
will never let you go i promise dear..

baby u got to say
that you are happy..
staying far away
or come back to me..

now i promise
will always hold you my near..
will never let you go
because am right here..

yeah.. will never ever
let you go that way
just come back..............


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