by GorqeousDisaster   Aug 14, 2012

Ribbons of blood pour from
her severd veins again.
hate releasing, minds ever so corrupted.
All of her tales, been morally and personally

Waiting on one last chance,
Saving it all for this last dance,
The balls becoming more near,
shes out of time, she wispers
to only fall on deaths ears.

Youll take more than a second glance.
She would never even give it a chance,
shes alone, bitter and frooze.
thats all anyone knows.

By this time, shes gone with the wind.
And left her scent upon your skin,
beautiful bashful eyes, so courrupt.
Filled with empty stares, and promises,
of things he never kept.

This is your bed you made it,
its time to rest, although its not
exzactly what you seen,
in that illusion you call dreams,
is worth it? was it really worth it..

dont you dare try to fade it.
It was a mistake, and not just her
who made it.
You cant replace it,
so dahlias list goes on it on..

Here she goes, trying to find a hero,
to save her from herself,
She dodges mirrors,
its whats in her, deep inside her,
theyll never see it, never find her.
she fears.
All she knew is lost, at what point?
She cant mutter the cost,
all her family, all her friends, forgot her
name, she'll never win.

Her eyes silently scream,
and her tone carry accusations,
constantly reminder of gone wrong situations.
to escape what sin, she has left
on her lips. Big dimpled smiles,
incisions line her wrist.

Call it acid, call if fire, what ever it is,
its lingering desire...
Shes a vampire, hungry for more.
Some even call her a succubus, as they
let her favorite verses, of she wound up
dying on the floor.

Shes been screaming,
like desperate words,
and a knife thrust in her back,
leading her to believe, run and never look back.

everyones leaving, but the lights went
off in her head, now her smiles ever more dead.
This self hated is more plenty.
Why is my dahlia, so cold and empty?
Yet her smile still the same,
drunk of of love, off of fame,
Pretending, shes an actress,
Just too formally dressed,
shes confesses, all her sins, as shes holding a rosary.
for this occasion, she might as well be dressed
her best, tempting on time, she wore what she wanted
to wear, to end the pain and hurt,
to relinquish all the misery, she put up with me.

Everyday rehershing lines, its going to catch her,
I hate to see it, i refuse to watch her in time.
her demons waiting, contemplating on her door,
Then here she is, her smile lights up the room,
Perfume it slowly follows her threw the halls,
everytime, her murderous past it haunts.
and everynight it calls.

BEFALL, the most Gorgeous Disaster,
her bodys just a puppet, and Chaos is her master.
Glinding her trembleing hands
to lead her to her fate.
Ill watch her melt away.
Dahlia, My sweet black dahlia,
why cant you see?

The flask you drink of is straight
from misery. Depressing as it sounds,
she wants six foot underground,
listen as shes speaking,
ever growing weaker,
shes a silent warriror, nothings going
to be more the long the lines of this
lonley thinker, can you say you really blame her?
All the world, seemed to disclaim her.

And i see the cuts and scars,
left deep with in her heart, can
you see it? would you believe it?
She really ment it.
She really means it.
you cant save her.

This deep darkness is the one thing she had
against her, its a winner,
shes a sinner, ever better, her soul wearing thinner.
Another needle mark, its nipped into her skin,
this time my dahlias, pupils
are large and black again,
shes playing russian roulet, with being only
a bullet shy, but she isnt the one whos
death is brought, upon the pistol,
she didnt even try.
So she laughed out in shame,
she cant recoglect his name,
but from all this pain,
and all her tears, Dahlia now,
Cant rerite her affairs,
she stumbled threw, a crowded room,
Dressed for her kill,
Prepared for doom.
And as she smiled,
red lipstick on her face,
ever hair in place,
sometimes even angles fall from grace..
Even Dahlia, couldnt repair,
what all wasnt their,
she swept across the room,
as the band played, her
coin of life over death it made,
a horrible sound, as she fell to the ground,
Dahlia got her wishes,
To make one last scene,
to prove the grass isnt always green.
Yeah, she got her last wish,
this one she wouldnt miss,
blew life one last kiss,
To the world, dahlia was black as
coal, she had no soul...
But it refused to see, like i wished her to
see, Now i leave the mirror,
wipe mascara from my face,
I am Dahlia, not a single thing out of place.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Emerald

    Awws:D s thank you so much ..glad u enjoyed

  • 5 years ago

    by Emerald

    Awws:D s thank you so much ..glad u enjoyed

  • 6 years ago

    by Emerald

    Very intersting and it kept me reading.. :)

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