Judgment Day

by Andrew Packard   Aug 27, 2012

Poem #6

"Judgment Day"

You Always Knew this time would Come,
Procrastination is no More.
Like the ceasing of a Drum,
Feel it now within your Core.

Lockstep Turn in Formation,
Spot Light Black Heart Souls.
Arrival at your Destination,
Ignites the flaming Coals.

Singled out for Humiliation,
Individuals stripped of Care.
Seismic nervous Trepidation,
Fruits forlorn laid Bare.

Feeling and Reason rolled into One,
Blood-soaked Beings move and Blur.
The Reaper of Hades has finally Won,
It no longer matters if you was or what you Were......



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  • 6 years ago

    by Emily

    Wonderful. Cryptic images. 5/5