My butterfly..

by shree   Sep 20, 2012

11:20 AM 19/09/2012

dear, i left my home
in search of you
never knew
so far away was you.

m resting
on a wooden bench
had some nectar
& dewdrops to quench.

am thinking where you would be
sitting on this wooden plank
but how will i find you
no routes, no indications, am absolute blank.

but till last dusk
i was with you
enjoyed the sweet honey
sharing with you.

when the snowfall started
with heavy flows of winds
we both were carried away from each other
breaking all our binds.

soon i was fainted
don't know how i survived
but when sun's ray started falling
on dewdrops i revived.

gaining all my strength
i started to fly
somehow reached this bench
& waited for you my butterfly

i know our lives
don't last more than a day or two
but all i wish is to die
flying around flowers in garden with you.

i dont know whether you survived or not
but still with my half damaged wing
till my last heartbeat
will continue my searching.
my butterfly....................!


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  • 4 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    I can picture a butterfly standing on the edge of a petal whilst lamenting for its partner. A good write and I also like the sentiments in it.