Spread You Wings

by Katharine   Oct 30, 2012

Spread your wings and fly
Dragon of the midnight sky
Hear the tigers cry

Her tears light the night
Reflecting on the oceans
Light of sorrows gleam

Fade to black dead rose
Darkness is over
The white lily blooms

We are bound by chains
The ribbons of hope tie us
These bonds will not break

©Kayla Johnson

The back-story behind this Haiku is a story I made for a manga a while back.
There are 7 angels. Each one represents an image of God. (Justice, Faith, Serenity, Strength.... Ect..) We were made in this likeness because we can sense these emotions. However, Justice saw them as flawed and did not want God to favor us humans. Justice wanted power over this but lacked the fact he can never hear our hearts. He rules for himself, which is why he will never be as strong as God. Justice did not see this though, so he fell. Serenity had a forgiving heart for him. She saw that he was only confused and needed guidance. If Justice realized the reason he can never be a leader is because he made rash decisions, Serenity could help Justice earn his way back to the title of "God's second hand." She would watch his moves every day feeling grief and pain for him. Until, finally, she started to follow and guide him back toward the light.

The dragon represents the sun setting (The sun represents the angel Mugen).
Mugen means 'infinite' or "Justice." This is also another name for Lucifer.

The tiger represents the moon (The moon represents the angel Shizukesa).
Shizukesa means 'serene' or "Peace." This is also another name for Serenity.
Reflecting Oceans represent the moons light reflecting on earth. The light is supposed to represent Shizukesa's sorrow for Mugens anger.
Fade to black dead rose is referring to the sun rise (Mugen's sin being over-come).
I refer to Mugen as a rose because a rose appears beautiful but when you touch it a thorn pricks you. In the same way sin appears tempting but you suffer a lot because of it. Roses need constant nutrients just like Lucifer needs constant sinners to keep him satisfied. Roses blooms are beautiful and luscious but the grow on ugly, scraggly vines like sin appears beautiful but to get that way it had to go through bad things.
I refer to "The white lily blooms' as Mugen being brought to justice. The white lily refers to the sunrise. Lilies are of the purest white and are pristine. They are sturdy and never waving. The way they appear is how they are, no tricks.
For the final haiku, it sums up the rest of the haiku's above. "We are bound by chains," means sin tries to drag us down (Chains are hell). "The ribbons of hope tie us," means that God is gently tugging us toward the light or new future (Ribbons are heaven). "These bonds will not break," means neither will give up but both love each other. Thank-You for reading.
This was a haiku I wrote years ago for a school project, but It's dedicated and written for I guy I like


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