Soon in December

by Ole Carsten   Dec 2, 2012

December dreaming
The first snow
The first gift
The first of all

I'm dream about Boxing Day
All the Kodak moments
Seeing the bright tree
Shining in the eve like jewels

Reflected in the children's eyes
And in the childish souls
Sparkling eve it is
Calling to midnight mess

All the food is prepared
For and eve in harmony
Let all be easy this year
No fears and worries

On the windows frost is playing
Setting icy flowers there
Garnished with snowflakes
Tumbling down from dark skies

The wind is singing
A lullaby for all of us
Sweet Christmas dreams
Reach out for the kiss

Soon the laughter disappear
Replaced by sleepiness sound
It is parent's time
Time for talking about love

Love is spreading underneath your wings
I am wide open for your love
Take me to your heart
As well as you protect mine.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Christmas, what a beautiful season.
    To me it is not about exchanging gifts
    it's about love, peace and harmony and what we can do for others. Time to sit down
    and take a deep look inside and reevaluate
    life and hopefully realize what is important.
    Ole, this is one amazing poem, add to fav

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