by Mams   Dec 7, 2012

I was going great in my life but then i met you,
Never knew you'll be rest of my life,
You use to run through my mind each day every night,
i think i was falling in love with you..

But i never told you.. Becsuse i wanted to hear by you, atlast you told..
I was so happy getting you in my life..
You came and brightened my lives...

Still remember your words promise of love,
You told me you are my start and you are my end,
Being with you i was feeling at the top of this world,
We both were happy together,
Had a great time that i would never have again...

We sat on the bench in that beach,
You picked out a coin asked me to wish,
I held the coin you held my hand,
We made a wish n droped the coin into the ocean,
Never thought my wish wont come true,
Because i wished from deep of heart to be with you forever...

My wish was my dream, the only dream i want to come true,
But, we are apart now, m going through the most painful day's of my life,
I never meant to hurt you sweetheart,
Dont know where am lost this day's...

You told me you won't leave me,
Then why is this distance between us,
I am here in world of pain,
You are there in world of sorrows,
We both need each other then why you went away...

You told me to go away but sorry i can't,
All what i need is to get you back,
Sorry for all idiotic mistake's i have done,
I wont ever repeat it because i intensionally din't done it,
We were meant to be together,
I know you want to stay with me and i just want you...

I am broken here what i want is just your love,
Your love till the end no matter if you are with me or not,
What matter's is your true love till the end...

Love ain't about just being together,
Love is about waiting,compromising thinking caring loving and feeling..
It isn't about just kiss and hugs,
Its about thinking old days and wishing to get it again...

Even if you make me wait my life long,
I know you love me and feel my pain too as i do,
I want you to make everything better as before,
I'll be there if you need me so,
I'll be waiting till the last breath of life...

If it means i can be with you i'll blow all the pain away,
I'll make a new start just want you back..
I was going great and then i met u,
My life is now totally changed and it wants u.....


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