Go Fish

by melanie altenbaugh   Jan 10, 2013

This is my game face.
My idea of a great plan.
Tell me you're with me.
Cause I'm going and I don't want to be alone.

Not tonight.
Not ever.

We're nothing short of teenage dreamers.
And baby the stars aren't gonna die.
When the day comes, our memories will serve us right.
We'll look back on the days of the doubts and take in all the laughs.
We'll go head to head with all of our damn regrets.
Live them. And for once, love them.

Doesn't it make you just want to scream?
The grass is greener than it has been in a while..
- A sign a better day is coming.

Even the view is changing.
It's growing into itself in such a priceless way.
Almost like the night we got drunk and blamed misery on the moon.
It'll never make sense, but we're nothing short of teenage dreamers
And baby, the stars aren't gonna die.

Not tonight.
Not ever.


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