by ntv650   Mar 10, 2013

Chittering and squawking against the gale,
Strung through masts she leans
Between sweeps into lunacy.
White hair flaring and the slap and clap
Of wave on keel.

As strong as ugly for nothing but licks of salt stained skin
For the risk of sinking into deep dark heavy thickness
That reaches out above and below with water and wind
That ruddies cheeks coarse and thin.

Her war cry roar and trembles and creaks
And charges into wailing circadian turmoil.
By beats of steeled syncopating hearts,
By a few framed words of encouragement.

By water-bound flight and current,
Parting miasma of time and place,
Your lunar landscapes stir beyond,
By the moorhen rustle and ripple
Of surface breaking seals.


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