February Frost

by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness   Apr 18, 2013

Lost is the feeling
In need of some healing
As tears are down streaming
Translucently with rose tinted meaning

Where, who, how and when?
Emotional lines written via the pen
The result will undoubtedly depend
On the answers found my dear friend
At the very last breath gasping end

End of this world soon
Says the red eyed moon
For once humming his own suicidal tune
Such a dazed and crazed loon

Seeing the sadness held within
The madness will take over and win
When the venomous blood begins
To pump to a rhythmic beat for another's kin

To take notice of the depression
That this poetic session
Has sought out and sealed inside a dark confession
No disguise behind that blessing

Yet still the feeling is lost
Fading memories is the cost
A breakable heart with a soul so soft
Close your eyes dear one for eternity
Embracing for one last time the cold and bitter february frost

By Basey © 2013


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