Shadow of Memories

by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness   Apr 18, 2013

Childhood memories taunt me
Innocence vanished by age twelve
Due to family being torn apart
As love was no longer in her heart

Needed to find a little hope
To try and cope
Even though the heartbreak wasn't mine
It honestly felt like it

So many questions
Why? When? Who? How long?
Knew something was wrong
When the melody trinket box
Went silent to no applause after its song

Missing him as the man I knew
As a father figure since age two
Even though I knew he'd still be there
Lives changed due to circumstance
So swift it seemed without a care

Shattered dreams of love
Is what I've suffered since that day
How can I love someone
When there is no light to guide me?

So as I travel this journey
This December not knowing which way to go
My loveless heart will travel with me frozen
Through the incessant pure snow

Making sure I stay one step ahead of him
As his presence though silent taunts me
If he ever catches up with me
I would perpetually be lost in his memories

By Basey © 2012


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