Enough is Enough

by Siyabonga Ndlovu   May 18, 2013

One day She will MISS ME. I mean that, She was the person who was so special to me, whom I trusted and loved so much with all my heart but paid me back by cheating, asking me to give her space, fooling me with her fake excuses and eventually dumping me with no genuine reason. She will realize that I were the right person for her but it will be too late to make it up to me. I have done whatever it takes, i have cried and pleaded for her, but there's no change!
Enough is enough, I'll just try to leave my life now, go back to the old Mamoll's ways & deeds, and forget about her. I know it's very hard but if I surrender everything to GOD, he can deal with it. I'll be strong and happy again because I'am someone's reason to smile. Life goes on my folks...
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