Feeling Alone

by lostwithin   May 21, 2013

Lately I have felt so alone.
I feel like no one cares.
It seems like whenever I talk, no one is there.

It seems that everyone is abandoning me.
Well, in fact, they are.
My best friend is moving across the world, and that is quite far.

I have been out on my own lately, simply meeting people new.
I am blessed with the trait of being outgoing,
Or else I would be screwed.

Being alone has become quite natural to me.
However, at times it really blows.
It can bring me down to an extreme low.

I have accepted that I am by myself.
I realize that that is pretty much how it is going to be.
Although, in the end I pray that there is a man that says " I love this woman and she belongs to me."


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  • It's a well attempt poetry. especially when it's written with emotion.
    i think you intentionally wrote it this way, coz i presume your motive behind writing this piece was generally to let your true feelings out just the way you thought off...