Strands of Thought Getting Through

by Rissa Moe   Jul 17, 2013

Faded and hated, falling its free
Frequently stated- breath in let it be
Suppression repressing all addicting disease,
Mental invasions bring us to our knees
Lengthy exposure draws in and now closer
Calling a name pleading give it some closure

Suffocating still hating, Feeling waves of remorse
Fighting still writing with plentiful force
Knowledge given is purity taken
And everyone is mistaken

It's pain they've been hating
Suffering felt without taking
Decision to split creates guilt
Repressing the feeling the trust that was building
Suffocating still hating reality of things
Depression, regression, and dissapointment it brings

Now tethered and centered still hopeful we sing,
Head high, no more cry, or time for the tears
Everyone still close I hold you dear
Finally, facing the greatest fear.

<3 We can do this <3


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