Another Chapter In A Bad Life.

by Moises Delgado   Jul 18, 2013

To this day i seem to find myself in rage , just
Another empty page to my chapter on life , miracle
Suicide never came to mind all i ever wanted was
To find a purpose to live .

To give something back to those who gave to me ,
But i simply can't find myself looking back at my history i was Never one to be popular to be cool,
Every day at school it was worse than the last when i,
would wish for the past before i felt this way before,
my life became what it became.

Coming home to a worse world , i searched for a cure
when i was the disease. It came to me that i was simply
living in a bad dream. That was all this was just a
fantasy there is no way this could be reality
How could this ever be when i open my eyes all i see is hate.

At this rate i can't see how I'm still alive how i managed to
survive for so long. Everything i willed for to go on was gone. I'm all alone once again nothing to do, but try
to mend my life back together again.


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