by Lauren Crandall   Aug 9, 2013

Prison gates:
Walls built 20 stories toward the sky.
Tear-ducts long since rusted-
Cemented shut,
Valves encrusted.

Caressing touch;
Lips with just a slight curve;
Glistening eyes;
A bit of a furrowed brow.
Peering in:
Seeing it all.

Walls begin to crumble;
Gates slowly becoming unlocked.
New salt water flowing with some effort:
Emotions pouring out.

Stars glimmer
In the skies above
Drops of joy!
Kisses scattered,
Falling along hairline and shoulders:
Mending begun on heart strings once tattered.

Raindrops explode across my skin.
The Moonlight guides my path:
I do not fear.


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