How Far We Are Gone

by Ares   Aug 25, 2013

It leaves me with a half-hearted, soft "Goodbye."
The echoes already starts to decay.
I pick up my shoes, drive a comb through my hair,
And I begin to go on on my way.

Dear mothers and sisters, let us all now repent.
We`ve all been too stuck in our ways.
Let`s load up the truck, bid our pets farewell,
And drive on towards our own better days.

This dustbowl is sacred to all that work hard,
It somehow let`s us be free.
But my mind is set and my feet want to walk,
This old dustbowl life just ain`t for me.

We`ll scrounge for food and get our water from rain;
We don`t need much to survive.
All I need is a road, and someone to hold,
And some music to help me get by.

So now we have come to the end of the day;
Oh, just feel how far we are gone.
Now we`ll make us some supper, rest weary feet,
And I`ll sing you this, our most favorite song.


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  • 3 years ago

    by BlueJay

    In your second line "starts" should be "started" other than that, this piece is wonderful