by ElegantRose   Sep 1, 2013

They never read between the lines
Of the words on the papers
Or look beyond the picture
That my moist lips paints.

Always push me to the bottom
Because I hold him at arms length.
Never look beyond my smile
Or the bricks that I've laid.

Can't they see that I'm hurting?
From the very depths of my soul.
Yearning for comfort
Because this doesn't feel like home.

Searching for a safety net,
There's no ground beneath my feet.
These walls are closing in on me
And I need somewhere to sleep.

I'm sick from the mentality
That I have nowhere to go.
There's a place that I long for
That nobody should know.

I swim in very deep waters
Dark, cold, so lonely.
I'm sinking to the bottom
Towards eternity's cage.

So will someone pull me up
And grab onto my hand?
I'm sinking oh so slowly
Away, away, away..

I need something to save me
Before I fall apart.
Need someone to save me
From yet another ravished heart.



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