Love before Love never again.

by Moises Delgado   Sep 4, 2013

I love you is what i would say,
As i sat beside her on that hill,
Is where we always use to lay.

Days when on time progressed
Things were said kisses were shared,
Things seemed to be at their best,
Until she came to me and told me she didn't care,

I was heart broken,
Look at her again i would never dare,
I was outspoken lost without words,

My mind was spinning,
I was lost sent adrift,
A dead like corps floating, not swimming no more.
Love was, but a gift that turned into disaster,

Love again never i swore that day,
Wishing to forget faster day by day,
Things seemed to change,
Love is for the fools is what i would start to say,

What else was i to do with my life re-arranged,
What else was i to do with heart barley holding with glue,
I was free with her yet now I'm caged,

And all i would ask of her was simply ,but to hear her one more time say my name followed by a i love you.


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