But another Broken heart.

by Moises Delgado   Sep 4, 2013

I front with a smile , but I'm really in denial
I act like everything is OK, but my days are getting worse,
People say your better off without her,

But i know this can't be true they don't know anything that me and her have been through .
I try to see their point of view,but all I really see is you,

Standing there the way you do with a smile and a sparkle in your eye,

The fact of knowing your not mine doesn't set my mind to ease. I simply want to shout it out and say be mine again please,

I know this can never be because our love had to cease something along the way had changed.

My life and everything in it was suddenly re-arranged, Love was no longer my main priority, I opened my eyes and once more i could see,

The light shinned brighter than before, one door had closed and many more had opened Life went on and so did I,

But from time to time i stop and wonder why did it turn out
The way it did, when that was the only way i knew hot to live,

I see you now and all i can recall is all the great things we did,

The times i hid from you behind taller people just to pounce out and try to scare you, but never did.

The way we use to look so odd at the fact that you were so tall and i was short, but that didn't seem to matter of course,

Because i took love as it came and i want you to know your always going to remain in my brain.

It doesn't matter if were apart Because your always going to be forever the owner of this heart.


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