by kavitha jesson   Sep 14, 2013

The heart wouldn't have enough space,
To store the handful of words,
If words were like cluster of things,
A house wouldn't be enough,
piles and piles of words,
Like a two storied building,
It goes on growing day and day,
Words that have come across you,
Along with you in your lifetime,
The words that made you laugh,
Made you proud,Made you cry,
words that broke your heart,
words of concern,
Words that made you fall in love,
words that have left a impression in heart,
Like footprints on the muddy clay,
In the depth of your heart,
They have been carved so beautifully,
Like the work of a skilled sculptor,
so the tempest or flood ,
cant sweep it off your heart,
It stays forever engraved in your life...


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