by GorqeousDisaster   Oct 6, 2013

I see the ending as you kiss my end
tell me that its just pretend,
all along you always meant to hurt me.

All along, i know it now,
ill break away,
or try somehow,
and all along you meant to desert me.

I cant help but to,
just love it through,
all the cuts that hurt me.
and all along, you never loved me.

So far down, you knocked
me around, rubbed it in my face,
you were just here to hurt me...

I tried to hard, to loose it now,
I'm falling apart, tears hitting the ground.
all along, i just wanted you to love me...

The experience, the lessons leared,
you just watched it all,
as i burned,
and all along, you set the flame to it.

and i let you, just watched it all,
You threw me away. Watched me become so
never did i stop it...

So i hope you see,
the best in things,
is all they would tell me..

but it hurts, so much worse,
I'm bleeding out verse's...

And I'm supposed to be perfect?

I told my self time again,
i couldn't fight, i would not win..

Just dint struggle, Try to believe,
in the end, its bright trust me.

But the faith thought.
in the back of my head,

but now i see....
All along, it was all just in my head...

I am crazy.


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