by Daylight Lucidity   Oct 9, 2013

Lips, swollen from
An onslaught
Of passionate kisses,
Speak in tongues
That can never
Accurately paint a
Picture of true love.

They spill words
Of adoration, admiration,
Faithfulness, beauty; but
They can never capture
The other-worldly essence,
The aura, that encases
The gorgeous feeling and presence
Of true love.

The feeling, the magic,
That comes with it and its
Indescribable, however desired,
Definition can never be uttered,
For it does not exist.
True love does not need
To be given a meaning,
All it needs is two people
Devoted to each other,
And happy with the thought
Of spending the duration
Of forever
With the other.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Redangelwings

    I believe your last few lines say everything here. Love is all about two people who give each other their hearts. Though your wording is fantastic. It shows the true side of love. Words are a big part of it. But you should enjoy the simple things about the other person. That's what life is all sbout I think. We all dream of that happily ever after. Thats what I think you are saying here. You want to find that one person and you have. As the reader when I read this the emotions are here and you poured your whole heart into this. You say how much you care with your words. :)