by Daylight Lucidity   Oct 12, 2013

Moments pass by and I am left wondering
Whether or not I can see another
Or if the crescent moon is a home I have yet to explore;
All that's left is a heart breaking on the inside.

Certain things that are said or, rather, not
Leave my darkened mind to wander in a starless night,
And try to ignore the feeling of loneliness and a gust of wind saying I am naught,
However my tears that stream believe it is true and cannot find the light
She gives me.

I look out through my bay window and try to collect my soul
I watch but the sun seems to never rise,
And I am left to ponder thoughts alone once more,
Afraid that I will never again be able to find that special light.

But I do, and I am no longer afraid.

I look and feel around for her and I find her there but not,
Her picture lay on my bedside table, a smile so beautiful,
I avert my eyes, for tears has begun to pool,
And my aching heart lurches more; my love for her burning strong.

One day I will be able to tell her,
And it is that upcoming day that makes me stronger
And able to hold on to everything
Without fear of hopelessly letting go.

*this is a way to tell her that she saved me*


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