Goodbye Christmas

by Brittany Ottmo   Nov 28, 2013


Only one month away
Christmas is just about here
Same story, same routine
It's just another year.

The snow has gone away
And some old memories too
This year is completely different
Where have my feelings gone to.

I wake up with no excitement
Of Christmas on its way
I just forget it's around
And continue on with my day.

Take back the Christmas tree
All the lights and ornaments too
Christmas is no longer welcome
In a heart so blue.

Can anyone tell me
What has made me feel down
I have always been joyful
But what is with my frown.

Christmas this year
Is nothing more than another day
Just with cheerful songs
That fill your ears along the way.

Take a note up to the heavens
And tell my dad it's ok
Christmas carries no more pain
It's no longer welcomed to stay.

For those that know me best
They would think I was sick
Turning away from Christmas
And jolly Saint Nick.

But what is really left
Of the Holliday season cheer
When it's just another day on the calendar
The same as every year.

So this is my final goodbye
To the love I once cheered
For the Christmas season is over
Before it has even gotten here.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Midnight Sky

    Awesome job looove it it make me think of the john grisham book I love that took 5/5