Mama, I Thought of You today

by Brittany Klein   Apr 6, 2024


I reached for the phone today
Pulled up your number to call
I almost hit that dial button
Then my heart it began to fall

I made something today
My first thought was of you
I know you loved this stuff
And I wanted to share it with you.

It was simple, It really was
A new food on the menu
But it had everything you loved
I wanted to bring it home for you.

Then it’s like time had froze
I looked up and it dawned on me
You are not here anymore
I cant see you when I go home at three.

Your number is still in my favorites
The one at the top of the list
The first number I dial
The one that no longer exists.

My heart began to cry
I started to whimper your name
Mama I f*-king miss you
Without you here is not the same.

Just over a month it’s been
I have not had time to grieve
Your memorial was just 5 days ago
Oh God, I still can’t believe.

I broke down just now
Over one simple little food
I lost many tears here
Just a switch in my mood.

Why does it work that way
Is this how the grievance stage goes
I was holding it together just fine
But not as well I suppose.

Maybe days will get easier
Maybe they actually will not
But I’m sitting here missing you
You will never be forgot.

Mama I thought of you today
I really wish I could have called
My heart is hurting today
My body hurts from when I bawled.

Mama I thought of you today
But that is nothing new
You are forever in my thoughts
Until the day I get to see you.

I love you mama
Your number will still be in my phone
Not sure I will ever delete it
As you were the best mother I have known.

??- I love you mom -??


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  • 1 month ago

    by Jenna Bella Oldridge

    I'm not a huge fan of swearing in poetry but I do believe it has its place, I've used swearing in poetry myself. Sometimes feelings, especially grief become so mighty and frustrating that we can't always be soft with our words. Sometimes we are angry and shaken and I liked how you expressed this. The word just kind of catches you off guard and hits you. It was really striking.
    I loved how you combined the soft gentle missing of grief with a wave of frustration. I really felt this poem. It's beautiful.