Win or Lose, You decide

by Bellamy Eme Rose   Dec 8, 2013

In a stupid way I've won
But why does it feel like I've lost?
I now have you to myself
But there is something you won't tell me
You'll share it with one of my best friends
And she'll tell me any way
So why can't you tell me?
I'm your girlfriend aren't I?
It makes me feel horrible
Like it's my fault
We were happy before
The something happened
And I don't know how to fix it
It's all I want in the world
I don't want to lose you after only a week
If you don't tell me I'm going to expect the worst
Like you're gonna break up with me
That you don't like me as much as you thought you did
That She told you she likes you and you realize you like her more than you like me
You better hope to god that if we end our relationship it's going to be on good grounds
If not then you're going to have to deal with not only me but my sister
She's trusting you not to hurt me but only because I like you
I hope you understand
I hope you also understand that if you leave me FOR someone else I won't hesitate to hurt you
But only because I don't want to lose you yet
Even if you move away
I refuse to give up easily
It's not who I am
I don't want to lose
I'm a sore loser
But I don't want to win if you don't feel like you have as well
So Win or Lose
You decide

~Bellamy Rose


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