Suicide Sunday

by matthew allen   Feb 6, 2014

On one dark horrible Sunday night I was walking around thinking about all the bad stuff that was happening to me and how I am not trusted by anyone not even my boyfriend trust me.I walked to a secluded area of woods. I pulled out a knife in one hand ,and a gun in the other. Then I started to think which one do I want to use.then I decided I will use the knife to cut me up and the gun to finish MD off. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a iecd of paper and pen. I wrote all my feelings and thoughts on it then folded it up and wrote, to, my bf and family. Then I started my final minutes . I took the knife and started cutting my self. Once my body was covered with scars i took a deep breathe put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger. Now all my pain and suffering is gone. But there's has just began I hope they feel what I felt and may them carry the guilt through out there lives. While I rest in peace.


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