Even When Times Are Hard

by lostwithin   Jun 22, 2014

I love you so much.
Almost more than you know.
I love you with my mind, body, and soul.
A day without you would make me feel lost,
As if falling asleep without you, I would just turn and toss.

I love you so much,
Even if it doesn't always show.
When you touch me my body tingles from head to toe.

We may have disagreements.
We may not always get along.
But, you have to admit, these are instances that make relationships strong.

These are moments that test your strength.
The strength of your heart.
These are serious moments.
Ones that being you together or pull you apart.

Arguing is inevitable and happens all the time.
It occurs in all relationships even when on could nine.
You just have to accept that it is part of life,
Especially if you eventually want to be husband and wife.


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