by shree   Jul 3, 2014

A Last Tribute :

Its true, no one is immortal.
you are born, you have to go.
leaving all your loved ones behind,
you sleep cold and calm.

Neither you can see the pain,
nor the tears in the heart
and eyes shower like rain,
as you sleep cold and calm.

People around you are crying like hell;
shouting and screaming you name
wishing, hoping, praying for a miracle,
but you still sleep calm and cold.

Its completely true, theres no life after death;
or else we all would have felt your presence,
somewhere around us but no;
because you are sleeping...

I know one day all of us have to go -
but i also know you left very early;
i know all i can do now is to pray,
for you to sleep cold and calm and remain in peace.


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