It cant happen twice...

by shree   Jul 3, 2014

You will never realise
for me you were most precious,
decisions were always in our favour
but this time its not; that's obvious.

Because now i feel
things are slipping out of my grip;
am unable to think or to do from,
when you said "Good-Bye" with your lip.

Am not tired of giving explanations.
i can do it for my entire life,
but baby its love and i just don't want to give you only -
explanation in my entire life.

Did i choose you or you choose me
is not the question,
how far we need to take this
is the important question.

If moving away from me
will give you some peace,
do it right away without thinking
and let this relationship cease.

Because i know in this entire life
you have loved me and only me.
And so this amazing feeling,
from start to end will remain between us.

Because unlike sex;
love is a feeling which is felt for,
just one person in the entire life,
and i can rightly say it cant happen twice...


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