Goddess dont DO This!!!!

by Hawk Flight   Aug 7, 2014

Goddess Don't you do this to me!

Magnum is the only father figure
I have in this world!
Don't you Dare take him from me!

It happened so suddenly!
One minute it was sunny
so he took his Harley for a ride
A sudden down pour hit
So he turned it around
for the safety of home.

It was raining so hard
He could barely see
Did not notice he was straying from the road
CRASHED into a big freaking tree

Wrapped his bike around the trunk
Hit his head pretty freaking hard.
No one else around for miles
Laid there knocked out for a few hours.

Somebody found him called 911
In the hospital he now resides.

Broke a few ribs
internal bleeding
In an induced a coma.

Goddess I pray to thee
Please don't take
the only father figure I know
Away from me


(A good friend of mine Magnum hit a tree last night (8/6/14) and it is pretty serious. the doctors had to stop the internal bleeding and now he is in an induced a coma. the doctors said if he stablazies they will wake him up. I pray to goddess Isis that he stabilizes. He is the only father figure I have ever truly known. So what if he is only 5 years older then me.)


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  • 3 years ago

    by Fenix Flight

    OMG OMG OMG MAGS!!!!!!!! No Oh goddess Please let him be ok!!!!!!!!!!

    • 3 years ago

      by Hawk Flight

      I know sis! I am praying he isnt stabalizing. they might have to do more surgery!!!!