Dark House

by Saul   Aug 28, 2014

Beware the Dark House that's shrouded in a bloody past

Forged into darkness by death of those who have seen their last

Adventurers spending the night to investigate the deathly claims

Not realizing their fate, that they would never be seen again

It's been years since this house has fed upon the naive

Trying to lure the living in hopes that it can deceive

This Halloween be weary and be well advised

This house has adapted as it waits in a clever disguise

For this year it masquerades as an innocent home

With indescribable horrors waiting patiently under its dome

On Halloween as you go from one house to the next

Hope that you don't come upon the house that's hexed

So walk with caution and hope that the pressing of the next doorbell

Does not belong to the Dark House that will send you to Hell


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