The climb

by Court   Sep 18, 2014

Depression crashing
rolling in

hopeless laughing
force a grin

empty feeling
all in all

secret longings
ignore the call

lonely, reaching
help me up

answers, preaching
on the cusp

prayers unanswered
fears unknown

friends needed
never shown

secrets golden
faces hid

help unheeded
darkness wins

friend or burden?
question burns

world still turns

hide the rage
hide the shame
hide the hurting
play the game

help so needed
so close;so far
thoughts are bleated
words are barred

empty feeling
hid from light
pretended joy
only night

selfish wishes
to be missed
to be needed
So remiss

darkness grows
turn away
'fore it shows

toneless laughter
words all right
pique their interest
hide the plight

loving, caring
things they are
yet they always
feel so far

hopeless wishes
darkened mind
digging deeper
more with time

climbing, endless
slickened path
though unhindered
gain the wrath

sadness reigning
empty heart
all we need
one more start

stubborn reaching
waiting grasp
please, dear friend
help me past.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Jorge Luis

    "prayers unanswered
    fears unknown

    friends needed
    never shown"...

    Tell me 'bout it...

    • 3 years ago

      by Court

      Hey, whatever it is, it'll get better, and you Can make it through. Just reach out to those around you, let them know you need some help. It'll be alright in the end.

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