Is She Really Gone?

by Hawk Flight   Sep 30, 2014

Is she really gone?
My little sister
is that door really closed?
Can I still open it?

I've tried and I've tried
To get her back
But pushed away has been the end result

I didn't mean to lose her
I didn't mean to lash out
I didn't mean to mess it up
I didn't mean to break her heart.

Sis if you read this
Please know
I Really miss you!

Are you really gone?
If I knock on that door
Will you open it up
Will you take me back

Please Fenix
What can I do
to get my little sister back?

(Fenix Flight! I have tried everything! sis I miss you! JUST TALK TO ME! Tell me that I can do to gain your trust back and to have you back in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know me inside and out! You know how much I hate begging but here I am! Begging you! Please forgive me)


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