Domestic Violence

by Wednesday   Oct 29, 2014

Translucent skin littered with bruises
When a fight begins she always loses
Never knowing when he'll get angry
Feeling so lost and so lonely
Shattered glass and a shattered heart
He rips and slices her apart
Swollen lips to scared to speak
She wasn't ever this pathetically weak
Trying to run but he blocks the door
Blood, tears and fear cover the floor
Late at night deep in their dreams
Everything isn't as it seems
Laying in the arms of each other
Whispering promises of forever
Held close and desperately tight
Putting the broken pieces right
Sweet, soft kisses wipe the pain away
Declarations of love make her stay
Breathe mingling sweetly in the air
Happy knowing he's always there
In their wakening he gets angry again
Snapping and ruining delicate skin
Demeaning words ring in her ear
Violence increased with every tear
Igniting more anger if he sees her cry
Again and again she asks him why
Her soul knows she doesn't deserve this
Always forgiving him after one kiss
Waiting for the bomb to detonate
Because this is her life, her fate
Instinctively cringing from his hand
From fear he fails to understand
To weak and to in love for goodbye
Though she believes she will die
Unsure of what the hell she is to do
Leave in fear or let love push through
Choices that bring her to the ground
Throwing her around and around
Begging for him to stop being violent
Yet she always remains silent
Fiending for someone to save her
Yet not letting her pleas be heard
Alone she attempts suicide
Yet to afraid to let the devil inside
Hating what her life is now about
Yet giving him the benefit of the doubt
Seeing a good man under his cruel sin
Driven by the love that makes her give in
He never actually says that he is sorry
But she accepts his unspoken apology
He swears he loves her irrevocably
She knows she loves him unconditionally
His tender touches quickly turn rough
Is there a point where love isn't enough?
In a tornado she rides all alone
Her house is no longer a home
These memories bleed in her brain
Laced with passion and pain
Lost on which way she is to run
Stitched with love souls become one
His kisses and that amazing smile
Almost makes the suffering worthwhile
Manipulation and a life ending threat
Bruise after bruise, hit after hit
Love and passion that remains lit
The memories of abuse I'll never forget


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