My Borderline Personality Disorder

by Wednesday   Nov 17, 2014

The more I breathe
The clearer I see
This isn't who I want to be
This isn't me

I hate when I pick a fight
I hate that I always have to be right
I hate that I cry at night
I hate that the belt was so tight

I'd be a fool to love this suffering
I'd be a fool to relish this hurting
I'd be a fool to enjoy this hating
I'd be a fool to want this remembering

With every word you speak
You remind me I'm weak
With every tear I leak
You watch me rip my cheek

Take this crazy away
Give me just one good day
Take these cruel words I say
Give me a moment of being okay

There no way to turn it off forever
Just by one moment of us together
There's no way to turn off the weather
Unless we learn to trust each other

If I could banish this pain
And empty it from every vein
If I could.banish this rain
Then I wouldn't be insane

The deeper I breathe
The clearer I see
This is who I'll always be
This is my BPD


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