These Last Two

by Christy   Nov 23, 2014

Let's pretend that these last two weeks is our designated lifetime,
Or that your heart was just one whisper away of only being mine.
We could say that California was just one giant footstep away,
I could come see you when I wanted; maybe, if you let me, I'd stay.
Remember when you saw me for the first time outside the door?
Did you think I was stuck up, fearless? Did you ever want more?
I still remember the first four words you said to make my heart stop.
Well it was just, "Hey, how are you?" so maybe I'm a little over the top.
But let's pretend that you would miss me and you would come back,
We'd pick up where we never started but always find the right tracks.
I would probably care more than what I should and make you fall,
But every time, I'd catch you and with every breath, give you my all.
If this was truly our lifetime, then nothing would ever be too late,
We could reminisce on the memories we never had and face this fate.
So let's pretend that I'll fall for you and we'd live happily ever after.
I would probably make you happy and fill your days with laughter.
Maybe out of everyone I know, it would be you that I would miss,
Or how you would whisper, "come here," and I'd reach for your lips.
You would never kiss me because that was something you didn't do,
But you'd cuddle me, and what's crazy is I hated it but I loved it too.
I could pretend that these last two weeks are designated for just you and I,
And I could reminisce on what could have been, I could pretend that I'd cry.
But for now, I'll pretend that we don't care and I'll leave this as a lie,
Because really, hello is better than these last two words of goodbye.


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