Love And War

by Lemon Squeezy   Nov 29, 2014

Long, drawn out, misunderstood,
Both intend to do much good.

All is fair in both they say,
Blood most often the fair both pay.

Both have lost a battle or two,
In each most often is nothing a do.

Both are viewed by some as senseless,
Yet both require thought and intenseness

War is Love's companion in life,
Both borne in struggle and strife.

One lusts blood the other body,
Both unstable rickety and shoddy.

Fire and passion fuel love and war,
Both leave scars and leave you sore.

Both can seem eternal or brief,
Both can bring You freedom or grief.

Love and war both sometimes lost,
To win at either is a mighty cost.

Tragedy or Comedy its up to You,
Which I ask will you pursue?

(c) 2014 Lemon Squeezy All Rights Reserved


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