The Final Note

by Bob   Dec 20, 2014

Aqua blue and crimson red police lights flashing obliterating the newborn midnight sky.
Speechless breathless hundreds of mingled citizens mindlessly wondering pondering why.
She said no.
Maroon splatters nay fathomless lakes of sun warmed blood forever stain these hallowed walls.
Crystal fragile tears shattering colliding upon dusty earth as sheriffs begin their investigating calls.
She said no.
Thick layers of filthy crusty grime cover the victim's private journal that will soon be read.
Intelligent contained blobs of sunset pink brain matter takes up residency on the empty made bed.
She said no.
His loyal faithful feeble heart he freely gave up placing in her snow white hands.
Only sadly to have it disseminated tossed like worthless meaningless trash among desert sand.
She said no.
Foolish retarded was this humble human man to believe in the vile lie of love.
Peering staring up at the piercing silver shining stars above.
She said no.
Gunpowder filled triple buckshot ended freed him from this miserable mortal life.
Yet this diamond sunflower yellow gold ring couldn't make heaven's angel his wife.
She said no.
Relentless endless silence overtakes as morticians move the zipped body bag.
Understanding her deadly cruel mistake death smells she slowly begins to gag.
She said no.
Justice sweet like honey shall unfortunately never be able to serve.
Violet life sustaining flowers crushed underfoot because he had "some nerve."
She said no.


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