Violin Plays The Saddest Song

by Mihir Deshmukh   Feb 21, 2015

The bright summer glow,
lost again to a hectic haze.
(By this time I should know,
I'm entering my forbidden phase.)

Oh sweet cold wind!
what message do you bear?
Would I smell the earth again?
Or temporary is this joyous glare?

Oh dark clouds!!
you shrivel me up inside.
Stop playing with my fragile heart,
and rain like you rained that night.

Burn me again,
with the sweetest drops of rain.
Piercing my mail,
reignite my pain.

Make this heart burn,
turn it to mere ashes.
Make my stomach churn,
as my mournful past flashes.

I'm done with this sanity,
it's making me insane.
Don't you dare hurt my vanity,
thunder up and make it rain.

And let me re-drench,
in the sorrow,truly her.
Let me feel my pain,
release me from this joyous curse.

For this ashen heart,
beats for that one last storm.
Waiting to unleash the demon inside,
As my violin plays it's saddest song.

And let me shed tears of blood,
from eyes not my own.
Wash away this human face,
to show the world a demon unknown.

No more can this brute, be tied down in chains,
so let the world share, a part of my pains.
And for once I'll be grinning,watching my playful storm,
still shivering inside,as my violin plays it's saddest song.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Bayan

    Nice onne :))