Nothing and Reflections.

by MikaMad15   Feb 24, 2015

Nothing is what it seems.
Nothing is what is.
Because I am nothing but a lie,
My reflection hides me everyday,
in every way my voice speaks,
The creature of my mind
It stalks, it stalks.
We're nothing but a flicker in the wind,
I am nothing,
I am nor whole or new.
Don't be mistaken, it's true.
With all my flaws, all my broken edges.
I am nothing, I am nothing.
Betrayal is my biggest enemy,
And I drink just to feel raw.
I don't know who I am anymore
But I never did and never will.
Nobody knows what it is,
cause nothing is what it seems.
The reflection lies to me, it hides who I am.
And I'll call out words from a voice who's not me.
A cry for help and a plea for savior,
These aren't the only ways to be.
I'm not going to be around very long,
It's such a shame, really.
But what's a boy supposed to do, when a mirror tells him
that's he's really just a she.


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